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Call Your Local Plumber, Elite Drains & Plumbing

For fast & affordable drain cleaning & Plumbing services in Littleton, CO

If you have a slow drain, you may try to clear it yourself. The problem with over-the-counter cleaners and plungers is that they only offer a temporary solution. There could be underlying problems that cause your clog to return.

Don't wait for the problem to get worse. Call Elite Drains & Plumbing for drain cleaning in the Littleton, CO area, including the Denver Front Range.

We can use a cable or snake to open the clog for a temporary fix. Hydro-jetting ensures your lines are completely clear. The process starts with a camera inspection to determine the cause and location of your clog. While a cable won't remove any roots that are causing problems, hydro-jetting will. Call 720-292-0688 today to get a free estimate on drain cleaning in Littleton, CO.

3 reasons to schedule hydro-jetting

Hydro-jetting uses a high-pressure pump to spray water through different heads to clear away clogs. There are various reasons to use hydro-jetting, including:

  1. Clearing away almost any type of clog
  2. Keeping your pipes safe from damage
  3. Cleaning the entire pipe to prevent future clogs

It's a great way to remove sand, silt and hair clogs with ease.

Contact Elite Drains & Plumbing today for drain inspection and cleaning in Littleton, CO.